We had a wonderful time past wednesday at the FabLab Brainport where 3D Hubs organized it’s unlocking of Eindhoven. As of wednesday we are officialy an operational 3D Hub in Eindhoven! Around 40 people participated in the event, lot’s of people brought their own 3D printers which ofcourse, we also did! ;)

After Brian Garret and Bram de Zwart from 3D Hubs did a short presentation on their platform there was some time from some other short presentations. Mathe Coolen talked about his project in building a 3D Printing server using a Raspberry Pi; interessting stuff! Next up was a presentation by Robert Vissers who discussed the implications of 3D printing and it’s future potential. Van Alles Wat Ontwerp gave the last presentation discussing some of the work we were doing using 3D printing such as +Deksels and Kapsones. At the end Colorfabb was nice enough to give out samples of their fabulous filament! SAMPLES! WAAAAH!!! MORE!!!

Launching 3D Hubs in Eindhoven from Van Alles Wat Ontwerp on Vimeo.

Ofcourse we took some pictures! See you at the next 3D Hub Eindhoven meetup!


In the end, there was cake…