Van Alles Wat is a young and energetic design agency from Eindhoven, founded by three designers who share their passion of shaping ideas into reality.

    Van Alles Wat brings affordable 3d printing to Eindhoven! click on the banner!

  • +Deksels

    +Deksels is a self-initiated project byVan Alles Wat Ontwerp. Take a look at the website by clicking on the banner.

  • RapidPro Trade Fair

    Van Alles Wat Ontwerp takes part in RapidPro 2013, visit us at stand nr. 77

  • Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

    Van Alles Wat's champagne chandelier at the Dutch Design Week 2012!

  • Van Alles Wat Ontwerp

  • Van Alles Wat Ontwerp

    Working on the interactive flower arrangement

  • Champagne chandelier

    Designed for the opening of ABN Amro Meespierson in Eindhoven

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  • Van Alles Wat Ontwerp

    Finding new perspectives

  • Van Alles Wat Ontwerp


Van Alles Wat consists of three young and enthousiastic designers; Gijs, Koen & Frits. They share the DIY mentality but have a broad background in different areas of design. The large set of skills and experience at Van Alles Wat makes the company suited to tackle any creative problem; hence the companies name (translation: “Something of Everything”).


Our work is focussed on conceptualising ideas and producing them into reality. We like to create cool stuff that is both meaningful as it is accessible to the world. Van Alles Wat is interested in all sorts of projects where their creative input can provide solutions that are out of the ordinary. These can range from work on (interactive) installations to product design.


We’d much rather have and share an adventure than an office job. We like to experiment and explore new opportunities. This means we dedicate ourselves to working long hours, but also means  that we end up with amazing projects time after time.
The ultimate goal? Trying to make a living doing what we love: creating.


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